All You Need To Know About Growing Marajuana Outside.

growing marajuana outside

This article will be about growing marajuana outside and the different methods. The article will cover the basics of growing, types of marajuana plants, factors that affect growth, and tips for successful growth. Growing marajuana outside is not as complicated as many people think it is. There are a lot of misconceptions about what you can grow outdoors and what you can’t. In recent years, an increasing number of people have changed their attitude towards marijuana production from negative to positive because they see its value from medical and recreational perspectives. This fueled interest in cultivating cannabis crops outdoors.

Growing marajuana outside is a simple process with just a few basic steps. It starts with finding the right marijuana strain that will work well in your climate, soil, and location. Then you have to prepare the site for planting, plant small seedlings, add water to keep them growing, and then harvest them when ready.

Growing Marajuana Outside: Types of Marijuana Plants

Two main types of marajuana plants, Sativa, and Indica, grow differently. Indica plants grow shorter with wider leaves, while sativa plants grow taller with thinner leaves. Neither one is better than the other, and it comes down to personal preference for which you choose to grow.

When growing marajuana outdoors, you must choose the right strain for your location; otherwise, you will be wasting your time. This means you must choose a suitable strain for your location. For example, if you live in a colder area, it would not be wise to grow a Sativa strain because they are higher y sensitive to frost damage.

Here Are The Five Things you Need To Avoid While Growing Marajuana Outside.

Poor Seeds – Using poor-quality seeds is growers’ most common mistake. Investing in a good strain of seeds can ensure you a better harvest. If you are unsure how to choose quality seeds, check out the “Where Can I Get Good Marijuana Seeds” article.

Overwatering: Don’t overwater your plants while growing marajuana outside. Using the right amount of water is important and should only be provided to your plants during the vegetation period. Usually, around 4-5 gallons of water is enough for a plant’s lifespan.

Underwatering: Avoid underwatering your marijuana as much as possible, as this could cause problems with buds drying out and dying early. Some growers recommend watering their plants daily and only once or twice weekly.

Weather changes: Marijuana plants are highly vulnerable to strong winds and constant sunlight. Be careful when the weather is unpredictable, as this could cause great harm to your plants.

Overfertilization: Overfertilizing your growing marajuana outside plants can be a big disadvantage for you. If the fertilizer contains extra phosphorus, it will cause the buds to grow very fast, but they will be smaller in size. This could lead to the overproduction of leaves and little or no buds on your plants during harvest time. Try using natural fertilizers instead of chemical ones.

Longer Harvest Time: The harvest time of your marijuana plants will be longer if you grow them indoors. Growing outdoors can be very rewarding, and the payoff is a longer harvest. Your harvest will begin much later than when you grow it indoors. Since the plant’s growth is more connected to the amount of sunlight, you will have to pay closer attention to your plants and watch them carefully for signs of stalk rot, leaf burn, bud burn, or flower production signs that mean it’s time to harvest!

Tips For A Successful Growing Marijuana Outside

For any successful growing marajuana outside the process, you need these things: proper seeds, indoor growing equipment, enough light, water, and nutrients. The following tips will help you get the most out of your outdoor marijuana growing process.

One of the main things affecting your growing results is the kind of seeds you buy. Make sure to get them from a reputable seed bank. If you don’t know how to find a good seed bank, check out our marijuana seeds review section.

Find An Ideal Place For Your Marijuana Plants Grow: 

 You must ensure your grow area is safe and private from prying eyes. The ideal location would be an area that receives plenty of sunlight and maintains a moderate temperature range throughout the year (50-70 °F). Windy areas should be avoided as marijuana plants are very sensitive to strong winds, which could damage your plants significantly if exposed for long periods.

Prepare Your Grow Area: 

Prepare your grow area with proper drainage and plenty of space between the plants. Set up your grow area properly and invest in an indoor growing system if you are serious about growing marijuana indoors. You must ensure you have enough room in your indoor growing location to grow marijuana indoors successfully. If you don’t have much indoor growing space, starting small with one or two plants would be better, and working your way up until you get the hang of it.

Remember not to plant seeds until spring. Before planting your seeds, ensure the temperature and humidity are ideal for germinating marijuana seeds.

Watch Your Marijuana Plants Grow: 

One of the most important parts of the growing marajuana outside process is properly caring for your plants. Watch your plants carefully and avoid any over-watering or underwatering. Make sure to only water them when they are dry. Any plant problems should be addressed immediately because once the plant flowers, it can die quickly if proper care is not given during these early growth stages.

Harvest Your Plants: 

When your plants are ready for harvest, you should have at least 3-4 months before frost starts hitting your area. The ideal time to harvest is when the buds are visible and you can see THC crystals on the flowers. You need to be very careful during this part of the growing process because if you harvest too early, your marijuana won’t be as potent as it could have been. Remember that you should never cut down your plants until they are ready to be harvested.

Keeping The Harvest Fresh

Keeping your harvested marijuana fresh is a big part of success in this growing business. Please keep them in the dark and cool places like a refrigerator or freezer until you can smoke or eat them. If storing them in a freezer, ensure they are dried out before placing them in any plastic containers for storage.


Growing marajuana outside is a really exciting experience. In some ways, it’s more fulfilling and efficient than growing indoors; in others, it can be a lot more difficult. The best way to learn how to grow marijuana outdoors is by doing it yourself. While many different books and websites will help you get started, these tips should get you on the right foot.

This could be the perfect route if you want to grow weed for personal use or because you love the outdoors. Start slow and learn as much as possible about the different techniques involved. Once you have a good handle on things, you should be able to grow top-shelf weed that will impress you.

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