All You Need To Know About Michigan Caregivers.

michigan caregivers

Are you looking for ways to become a The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (“MMMA”) allows michigan caregivers to grow Marijuana for up to 5 patients? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of all the steps necessary to becoming an experienced caregiver in Michigan. From training and applying online to getting licensed and finding employment, we’ve laid out all your options for becoming a caregiver. This article will also cover some helpful tips for working with elderly patients and how much it will cost.

How Much Does a Michigan Caregiver Certification Cost?

The cost to become a caregiver in Michigan is $500 for training, which includes 2 hours of instruction, two hours of hands-on training, two drug testing certificates, and two criminal background checks. You must be fingerprinted to obtain this certification. As of November 2017, the Medical Marihuana Licensing Authority has a wait list for caregiver certification.

Who Can Become a Michigan Caregivers?

Michigan allows michigan caregivers to assist with their patient’s treatment and care. This includes medication administered to patients, medical Marijuana that is grown for use with the patient, and medical marijuana products. If you have convicted of certain drug crimes in the past. You might be unable to become a caregiver in Michigan. These convictions include manufacturing, delivering, or possessing with intent to deliver a controlled substance (e.g., methamphetamine) within the past 10 years and felony convictions for violent crimes or illegal drug possession involving minors.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Become a Michigan Caregivers?

You must be at least 21 to become a caregiver in Michigan. Many michigan caregivers are parents or spouses of patients who need help with their medical marijuana usage at home while taking care of their family members. However, there is no minimum age requirement for becoming an MMMA caregiver in Michigan. You can be as young or old as you want!

What Are the Training Requirements to Become a Michigan Caregiver?

Michigan caregivers must complete mandatory caregiver training. This training is typically 50 hours and covers topics such as the law surrounding medical Marijuana, how to help patients with their medical marijuana usage, how to handle and use medical Marijuana, and more. You must complete this course to become a caregiver in Michigan. You must also pass two random drug tests to become certified as a caregiver in Michigan.

What Are the Requirements to Become a Michigan Caregivers?

To become a caregiver in Michigan, you must:

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Have no felony convictions for violent crimes or illegal drug possession involving minors in the past 10 years.
  • Have never been convicted of manufacturing, delivering, or possessing with intent to deliver controlled substances within the past 10 years.

If you’re under 21 years old and your patient is under 18, you can still become their caregiver. If you complete the 50-hour caregiver training and receive certification from the state.

What Are the Benefits of Being a Michigan Caregiver?

Being a caregiver in Michigan offers many benefits to michigan caregivers, patients, and the state. Keep reading more about the 10 benefits of being a caregiver in Michigan! [Note: This information is only general advice and may not be legal. Discuss your specific situation with an attorney.]

1) Making Money: 

Michigan caregivers can earn up to $15 per plant during the growing period and up to $20 per plant during the harvest period. The MMMA allows michigan caregivers to make another $10 daily if they grow 200 plants. For every 10 patients, you may earn up to $200 during the harvest period and $400 during the growing period.

2) Tax Benefits: 

Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMMA) permits michigan caregivers to deduct expenses related to their work from their federal tax returns due in April each year. For example, if you spend 40 hours a week tending to your patient’s medical marijuana plants. You can deduct up to 20% of that time for your medical expenses on your federal tax return. You may also claim mileage to your patients’ houses on your tax return.

3) Flexible Work Schedule: 

You’re in charge of how many hours you want to work as a caregiver in Michigan. You can work 40 hours per week and make enough money to live off of, or you can choose 10 hours per week and only make enough money for the essentials. However, you must spend at least 1.5 hours per day working with the patient or their plants if growing 200 or more plants for 10 patients during the harvest period (up to $200).


Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Licensing Act (MMMA) is an excellent way for caregivers to make money, help their patients with their medical marijuana usage, and get a job that they can work from home. For more information on how you can become a caregiver in Michigan and how the law impacts patients, caregivers, employers, and the state of Michigan, please ask your questions in the comments section below! If you are unsure of your rights under MMMA or what to do if you have been accused of a caregiver crime or were wrongfully denied employment as a caregiver, we strongly encourage you to contact our Michigan medical marijuana lawyers at Light Legal.

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