How Crypto Link Building Businesses Can Survive

Crypto link building is a business that excels. Whenever you see an ICO on any of the social media, a vast majority of the people are looking for information about this project and there is no better way to find a good piece of content than getting it from the crypto experts themselves – it’s a win-win situation for both parties. The challenge though is that in order to be successful at crypto link building, you need to learn about all the different cryptocurrencies of blockchain marketing out there (both ico and non-ico ones) and also how to place them correctly on your website or blog via SEO or paid links.

1. How to Win the Crypto SEO Game

The first and most important thing you need to do is to understand how SEO business works for traditional businesses. Here’s an example of one of my clients and how the website was before we made it #1 on search engines. Notice the number of links and the way they placed them, even if it’s in a relevant section, it does not guarantee that your website will be in the top position for your desired keywords. (click to enlarge)

2. Crypto Link Building Strategy

After you have done extensive research about any particular cryptocurrency, you will need to create one or more blogs as they are extremely powerful in link building especially with new ico’s. This is because once you have set up a blog for an ico, all the content and articles (except promotional ones) will be indexed automatically.

You should focus on creating high-quality, genuine content that will attract natural links to you. Some of the best ways of doing this are:

Posting your articles in various categories (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICOs or blockchain)

Have a blogroll or byline bar at the beginning of your blog posts with other authors who are also interested in cryptocurrency or ICOs performing great link building tactics.

Write reviews of some of the most popular ICOs and offer honest feedback to their investors.

Provide useful information in the form of infographics and lists that can be used as link building tools. Find our site list here.

3. Crypto ICO Blogs

Once you have created one or more blogs, it’s time to spread the links across your website. The best way to do this is by creating a blogroll section at the beginning of your page where you can add all of your other blogs, relevant news about the crypto world, blockchain technology and ICOs that you like. Also make sure that everyone in that blogroll is doing great work as this will make anyone who visits your blog interested in checking out their content and potentially linking back to yours! 

4. How to Create Links to your Crypto Blogs

The next step is to reach out to other crypto influencers, people who have their own audience of crypto enthusiasts and bloggers. You will need to engage them in a conversation where you can offer them your blog as an added value. This is an extremely important aspect of link building especially with new ico’s as it will help in the process of getting high quality links which are more likely to be indexed by Google than on-page SEO manual backlinks.

Here are a few ways you can do this step:

Use Twitter and Facebook’s direct message features as they are a great way of engaging different influencers apart from speaking directly to them (i.e. get their attention).

Use a tool like BuzzStream to promote your blog in various news articles and create outreach notes.

For ICOs, the best way to do it is obviously by getting the attention of those who are doing well on social media.

Also with regards to getting links from high-quality sources, it’s very important that you don’t just take their first link offer as this could be a fake service and will only get you high quality links in a relatively short period of time – it’s better to go through multiple offers and choose the ones that are offering you quality backlinks over time. 

5. High Quality Links: The Ultimate Resource

In order to get higher quality links over time, what you need is a great strategy. First of all, you need to find at least a couple of websites that have great domains and have already been created properly. Here are some of the things you need to consider:

Look at their backlinks – this will help you decide whether they are getting high-quality links or not.

Find out how many times they have been indexed and on which search engines (most social media websites count as one while Google counts as 2).

Try searching for their domain name in Google – if it appears on the first page, it means they have already done great SEO and you might get a better link from them.


Although the process is a bit complex and requires a lot of research of Bitcoin, it’s rather easy to build up a solid link-building strategy when you have done all the work upfront.

Once you have completed all this and you’re ready to start generating quality backlinks, I would suggest that you start with creating articles first. The reason being is because when someone sees your website on top of Google or any other search engine, they will first decide whether the content is relevant to them or not before clicking on it which gives the best chance for the link to be indexed by Google (when a visitor clicks on a page from your website, Google usually takes 2 seconds to index it).

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