How long does it take to grow marijuana outdoors?


This article will talk about how long it takes for marijuana to grow outside in the summer. Marijuana grown outside typically comes out better and tastes better because it grows in a more natural environment with rain, sun, soil, and bugs. It’s also an organic way of growing weed that doesn’t require extra attention or nutrients. With just plants, earth, water, and the air, you can get quality weeds from your backyard! It takes about 100-120 days for marijuana plants grown outdoors to mature, depending on the temperature region where they are grown in. 

For example, if you grow your plants in the Northern Hemisphere, it will take about 145-155 days for your plants to mature. The same goes for the Southern Hemisphere. It would take about 90-100 days for them to mature. The temperatures also play an important role in how long your marijuana plant takes to grow. If a plant is grown in a cold climate such as Canada or Alaska, it will take about 140-150 days to mature. If you decide to grow in a warmer area like California, Australia, or Portugal, it will be 100-105 days before maturation.

Why does it take so long for marijuana plants to grow?

It takes so long for weed to grow because the plant grows slowly and has enough nutrients, water, and other things to stay healthy. Marijuana plants grown in soil tend to grow much slower than plants grown hydroponically. Hydroponically, the marijuana plant is fed water with essential nutrients and minerals, so it doesn’t have to process nutrients from the soil and can focus more on growing.

Another reason it takes so long for weed to grow because it takes time for the bud to appear! The buds are the largest and densest part of the marijuana plant and take about 10-20 weeks to fully mature. Once your plants have reached maturity, they will start producing resin glands that help separate the bud from other parts. After the resin glands have developed, you will see more buds that begin to look like they are turning purple, white, or yellow.

How can I shorten the time it takes for marijuana plants to grow?

You can speed up how long it takes your marijuana plant to grow by taking extra precautions when gardening and creating ideal growing conditions. It is important to take care of the plants while they are still in the vegetative stage. If you don’t give the plants enough light, water, and nutrients, they will not grow their best during this time. Using too much fertilizer on your plants can cause nutrient imbalances that stunt growth and kill them.

A healthy growing environment for your marijuana plant is important to ensure it reaches maturity as quickly as possible. Cold temperatures will also slow germination, so keep that in mind. It can be difficult to have good air circulation because of the humidity if you live somewhere warm and humid. Try to ensure that you have plenty of sunlight in your grow room for the plants to thrive. Sunlight is full of life and energy for your plants, so it will help them grow faster.

What other things can help me to get faster-growing plants?

Training, pruning, and topping your plants help grow them much faster. Training your marijuana plants will help you grow more tops and branches, whereas the plant will grow weak if you don’t train them. Pruning can be just as good for growing as training because you are cutting off some plants, so it doesn’t spread too far and uses all of its energy to grow the top part of the plant. Topping is basically when you cut off the very top layer. This will allow more light to hit the lower part of your plant, allowing it to grow much faster.


You can use this information to help you figure out exactly how long it will take for your marijuana plant to grow. If you don’t want to wait that long and still want to cultivate quality marijuana, there are plenty of ways to shorten the time it takes. Just remember that you will be sacrificing the quality of your marijuana when you decide to speed up the maturation process. Plenty of factors can cause the growth cycle to slow, besides temperature or light. Things like nutrients and soil type can also affect how fast your plants grow, so ensure your plants are taken care of properly before maturation.

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