How Much Yield You Can Get From Marijuana Yield Per Plant

Marijuana Yield

Marijuana yield is not a number. It’s the marijuana a plant will produce in one growing season. For example, if you have 10 plants, and one has 100 grams of marijuana yield, and the other has 30 grams per plant, you’re talking about 3000 grams. The most marijuana that anyone can consume in a single day is also 3-4 times what’s produced in a single plant. So don’t worry about that!

It should be noted that there are different methods for figuring out how many plants can yield 100% without getting weed waste on your fingers or hands when touching them. It’s different if you’re doing it for the law or growing legally with a license and buying marijuana in a store.

What is Marijuana Yield?

Marijuana yield is the number of grams of marijuana a single plant will produce in one growing season or year. Marijuana plants take 12-18 months to mature, so you’ll have 60-72 months (half a year) to get your crop. Unless you’re starting late, that’s how long it will take. (I am not talking about how many weeks it takes this spring, I’m talking about how many months.) Knowing how much marijuana yield a single plant makes is important because you should know how much marijuana you will need. If you have a pound of weed on hand and your plants yield just 0.5 grams per plant, you must know how many plants have produced this amount. If a person has 50 plants and each one produces 0.5 grams per plant, that person now has 25 kilograms of marijuana (0.5 x 50). That’s 1 pound of marijuana.

If you have a single plant whose marijuana yield is over one gram per plant, you will have a situation where you can produce more than one pound of marijuana and have an excess for the law. There should always be some excess for the law, as it’s a good way to ensure that there are enough plants for everybody who wants to get lazy and not work hard enough to get the crop.

How Much Marijuana Is Enough To Supply A Cannabis Club From One Single Plant?

It sounds like I’m just playing with numbers here and creating impossible situations for myself and others. On the contrary, I will be generous here and use the most generous set of Colorado medical marijuana plant yields that are not just theoretical but achievable. Let’s look at the number of plants supported by one full-sized, indoor, or green-house marijuana plant. Most communities have laws limiting this to four or six plants per household. This allows a grower to experiment with different strains and growing methods without breaking the law.

Let’s say that the highest-yielding marijuana plant in the world produces one pound of weed per plant outdoors. That would be a good place to start. Many producers have never seen a plant that can produce that much, so let’s give them some credit. If you want to ensure you are within the law, we’ll say that four plants can be grown in one household for medical patients and recreational users alike. This way, you do not exceed what is appropriate for the law and what would be legal should recreational sales become legal in 2014. This assumes that you’re growing outside or in a greenhouse, not indoors.

How To Get Highest Marijuana Yield Per Plant?

The marijuana plant grower has to know how much the plant will produce, and they have to do it year after year. No matter how good they are, they can’t keep up with that. The best way is to make a few notes on paper like you would for taking notes in a book or reference document once the grower has done this. Then You can double-check all of his figures against the same process of review that happens every year. This is great for keeping track because there are only so many plants in the world, and it’s hard to keep track of exactly how much cannabis each produces.

You will have to start by testing the plant(s) you’ve got. Make sure you track the results from your growth to know exactly how much marijuana and how many buds are on each plant. You can do this by taking pictures and making notes of the number of times that you need to water or feed it in two weeks. Once this is done, there will be an indicator as to whether or not he’s got a winner in his hand or if he should toss it into the trash. If this person goes through several plants before finding out what works best, they’ll have a pretty good idea of what they’re doing by the end of one growing season.

Is it Possible To Get Marijuana Yield From Just One Cannabis Plant?

Some might think getting a pound of the highest quality marijuana from just one plant is possible. This is not a realistic expectation for someone looking to grow weed indoors. The best you can do is look at the numbers and try to follow them as best as possible. If you’re growing cannabis indoors, you should be able to produce about 1/4-1/2 pounds of the highest quality medical grade marijuana per plant if all goes well in your indoor grow room. You will probably end up with something less than this, or even more, but it’s not going to be a magical “pound” every time.


The marijuana plant yield is not one you can look up on the internet or find in a book. It takes a lot of expertise, trials, and errors to determine how much a single marijuana plant can produce. There is no way that anyone can study every single strain and then produce an accurate number. That’s why it’s important to note what works best for you because it seems like everyone will have their own opinions, and they might not be right. “I got this great strain by following what Google said to do” is not how someone should start growing cannabis indoors or outdoors.

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