How to become a budtender in Michigan How to become a budtender in Michigan

budtender in michigan

Do you enjoy the environment of a popular bar or dispensary? Then take your skills and knowledge for growing cannabis and enter the world of working in dispensaries. Facilitating transactions with customers, retailing cannabis products, meeting product demand, and more are just some of the duties of being a budtender in michigan. This article will cover everything you should expect as an entry-level employee to how much to think about budgeting for your future Budtender salary.

What is a Budtender in michigan?

A budtender in michigan is a cannabis dispensary employee responsible for providing customers with an exceptional customer experience. Someone typically holds this position with a natural skill set for listening, building rapport, and finding out what their customer wants. In addition, they are often responsible for ensuring their dispensary meets the product demand of their customers, which can be quite challenging if they are working in busy dispensaries. Another job responsibility of a budtender in michiga is to provide the best recommendations to their customers based on their available products. This makes it important for them to know about the products they are selling and the effects.

What does a budtender in Michigan do?

The main responsibilities are to provide clear, quality service and knowledge to customers that come into the dispensary, ensure the product is sold and provide recommendations on customer needs. They are also responsible for using their excellent communication skills to explain any products they are selling. Finally, budtender in michigan need to work diligently with cannabis buyers, ensuring they receive all the information they will need to buy products. In addition to these day-to-day activities, there may be more:

Assisting customers with cannabis product purchases

Creating displays or arranging products in a way that is appealing to customers

Responding to questions and comments from the customers and deciphering feedback

Educating customers on products, the proper ways of using them, and the effects they might have on their symptoms or desired results. Depending on the dispensary, budtender in michigan may also be responsible for conducting seminars and other activities. For example, some dispensaries require budtenders to have knowledge of growing cannabis or be a cultivator.

What is the average salary for a budtender in michigan?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have an official job description for a budtender. Still, any cannabis dispensary employee working with customers and making recommendations regarding cannabis products falls into this position. According to, an entry-level budtender in michigan will make an annual salary between $27k-$38k. Many dispensaries are trying to find ways to raise pay. So it’s worth checking that they offer any bonuses, commissions, or other incentives.

How to plan financially for your budtender in Michigan job?

When planning on starting a Budtender career, it is important to be prepared. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of hearing about the good times and the future of cannabis and neglect financial planning. But that can put you at a crossroads that could prove costly. In addition, an employee’s budtender in Michigan salary will likely be affected by their age, location, education level, and experience in life. So it’s important to make financial plans that help you pace yourself as your career progresses.

What are the Budtender salary requirements for entry-level work in Michigan? 

The Basic Requirements?

Michigan will require you to have a high school diploma or equivalent or be 19 years older. In addition, you’ll need to have three months of relevant work experience. You can get this by quickly looking into companies in your area that could use a budtender in Michigan . Then ask for an application. Once you apply, your resume and any other related documents should scan and attach within 24 hours.

The Basic Requirements:

Experience: Experience in a Budtender role is the most important thing you can have on your resume. However, most entry-level positions will require at least three months of experience in a similar or related industry. Some companies are willing to consider candidates with zero experience. But it’s recommended that you train for six months before taking on this role.

Education: Most companies will require candidates to have completed at least high school to apply for this position. It’s not necessary, however – if you have an associate’s degree or two years of the college experience, that could be acceptable as well.

● Additional Requirements:

Michigan certification. Michigan requires one year of on-the-job training as a budtender in Michigan or a similar role to get your certificate. In addition, you’ll need to enroll in an approved program and pass the test with a score above 80% to get your certification. Getting this certification will make you eligible for the job, but it does not guarantee that you will hire for it.

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