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I’ve always been interested in health and wellness. I’m not exactly aware of how important this is but I do know that it is an important part of anyone’s overall well-being. I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend many of the most well-known and respected medical institutions and hospitals in the world. I’ve listened to all types of medical professionals and I’ve been blessed with a lot of unique insight.

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to health is to engage with your doctors and take every precaution to ensure you are taking the correct and most effective medications. They will tell you what you should, and you should, take and you should not, based on the information they give you. It’s incredibly important to take care of yourself, your health, and your family.

I have to agree with mike bolton. The best way to ensure you are getting the most out of your treatments is to talk to your doctor about what you’re taking and what you’re not. A lot of the time they’re just trying to be helpful and not to scare you.

I would say, and I’m not saying this to be mean, that most doctors are not taking into account the best interests of their patients. They may be giving you a prescription, like the example I mention above, to make you feel better, but they may be not giving it the importance that it deserves. They may be giving you a shot in the arm and saying “you have nothing to worry about”, but they may be giving you the information that you should be worrying about.

For example, if you have a rare disease, you can bet your insurance company will be checking your blood, and they will be checking your doctor’s background and what they can do for you to make sure your treatment is the best it can be because they have all of the information. But if you have a known disease that is easily treated for, and you know that treatment works, your doctor may be doing everything possible to make it work.

The same is true for a medical condition like HIV. It’s much easier to get people to stop talking about your condition if it’s well known. But if you have a condition that you know is serious, but you’re not sure what it is, then you can’t possibly get it properly diagnosed. This is especially true when it comes to HIV, which is not a good thing. With all of the research, we’ve learned that it’s not HIV that causes AIDS, but a virus.

It is possible to get HIV from sexual intercourse, but there is a certain amount of testing that is required to know if you have been exposed to it. For your body to have the antibodies to fight it effectively it needs to be exposed to it at some point, so a blood test can be helpful. Even if you are aware that you have HIV, you may still be exposed to it in some other way.

That’s why I recommend a few tests for all those who are thinking about having sex.

Although it’s only a matter of time before everyone will have been exposed to HIV, you still need to be aware of your status. You should have an HIV test every time you have sex or engage in any sexual activity. It’s also good to be tested every three months, just in case you have a high risk of getting exposed to HIV.

Most people with HIV have a virus that does not react to anti-retrovirals (ARVs). In fact, even if you know that you have HIV, you still need to be tested every three months. A lot of people who are living with HIV are unaware that they have it. That doesn’t mean there aren’t good reasons to test. Knowing your status can help you decide how much risk you’re willing to take.

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