Things You Should Know About Michigan Growing Laws for Growing Cannabis.

michigan growing laws

We’ve put together this article to give you a quick overview as a starting point on how and when people can grow cannabis plants. Michigan is one of the few states in America where marijuana is legal. If you want to start cultivating cannabis, there are some things you should know about Michigan growing laws for growing cannabis. Remember that these laws change periodically, so ensure that you keep up with the changes so that everything remains within the guidelines set out by the law. Throughout this article, we’ll discuss what specific terms mean and how they may apply to your situation if you plan on increasing the plant legally in Michigan. Which largely depends on your residency status.

What Are The Michigan Growing Laws for Growing Cannabis?

The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act states that any person may grow Cannabis plants legally. Put another way. This allows you to grow cannabis indoors or outdoors. It doesn’t matter where you grow it. There are a few exceptions to this rule, including if you intend to sell the plant legally. If you want to grow cannabis, you can do so as long as it’s cultivated inside your home. This means that if you live within the city limits or right outside of the construction zone. Then your home is not allowed to grow cannabis. 

Instead of growing legal plants indoors or outdoors, many people opt for growing in a greenhouse or outdoor garden. As long as whatever type of indoor environment your marijuana plants are being produced in is kept locked and within an enclosed space (such as a garage), no problem should arise from having them there.

Here Are Some Key Points related to Michigan Growing Laws.

  • A person may cultivate medicinal cannabis for personal medical use under MCL 333.26411; however, the law only allows plants to be cultivated within the residence, or if transported away from the place. It must be inside a locked container.
  • Unde Michigan Growing Laws Act, A person in Michigan, can cultivate medicinal cannabis plants indoors. If they have received a state-issued license or the city or township has passed an ordinance permitting indoor cultivation.
  • The maximum number of plants allowed per person per property is four mature and 12 immature plants. A person may grow cannabis outdoors if they are at least 660 feet from the nearest church, school, park, playground, public housing centre and residential housing.

Are Michigan Growing Laws for Growing Cannabis Necessary?

If you plan to grow marijuana legally in Michigan, you should know that the Michigan constitution states that smoking or ingesting marijuana in public is illegal. This means that while increasing cannabis might not be legal on your property. If you are going to smoke or eat it on someone else’s property. So they have no right to tell you not to. As long as you confine your activities to your property, there shouldn’t be a problem with growing marijuana there.


As you can see from this article, Michigan is a state where it’s legal to grow cannabis. It would help if you remembered that many things might fall under the law. You should also not forget that just because it is legal to grow marijuana on your property does not mean everyone will agree. Before planting seeds and a few plants, check out the laws for cultivating cannabis in your area. It would help if you needed to obey those laws and not violate them. If you live in a town or city where growing marijuana has been banned by the city council.

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