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Top Five Latest Michigan Medical Marijuana News

Michigan’s medical marijuana program is now one of the most open in the nation. A new law was enacted on December 20th, 2017, opening the

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Michigan has just passed a new set of laws diminishing the penalties for drug crimes and decriminalizing cannabis. If you are interested in seeing the

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Marijuana yield is not a number. It’s the marijuana a plant will produce in one growing season. For example, if you have 10 plants, and

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In the history of vaping, there have been many debates on whether it is like smoking a cigarette. Most people believe that vaping is not

Top 5 possible health benefits of CBD oil you must know

Nowadays, many of us want a miracle to cure all our health-related issues, especially the ones struggling with depression and anxiety, chronic illness, neurological disorders,


In this article, we’ll discuss the basic effects of kratom, a plant-based stimulant that acts on opioid receptors. This herb is often described as a